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Knowledge and experience

Our business dates back to 1990 when a small company selling baby and children products was founded in Poznań.

Today we are one of the leading Polish manufacturers of items for babies and pregnant women.

In the space of these 30 years we have witnessed changes to women, fashion and needs. We have observed the market and adapted with you and for you – creating our products with passion and care for details.

Throughout all these years our products have been repeatedly rewarded and distinguished, and recognized by parents during opinion polls held by specialist monthly magazines, e.g. „Mam Dziecko”, „Dziecko”, „Rodzice”.


We are happy to inform you that Babyono is a leader in the All-Polish Products and Services Popularity Poll – Customer’s Laurel 2022, receiving the Golden Customer’s Laurel Award 2022 in the category – top quality of products – baby accessories. Additionally our innovative SHELLY breast pump has been awarded the Customer’s Laurel - Discovery of the Year 2022.

This is a unique distinction! We are happy that Polish consumers value our brand. We want to thank you for every vote and trust!

We help to grow

We support you in your motherhood. We accompany you at many important moments. The first bath, first walk, first tooth, first meal, first step… but also first colic, first sleepless night, first fall. We are for you and your baby. We assure its safe growth and development.

Both of you are important to us!

Here you can find products which come in handy during pregnancy and childbirth, items for a newborn baby, infant and older child. Starting from maternity pads, nursing bras, through bath items and home protection, and ending up with toys.

We design all our products in a way that makes them reliable, user-friendly and ergonomic. We always follow the mother’s and its baby’s needs.

We pay much attention to details. Our priority is to create safe products, designed in accordance with applicable EU directives and standards.

You can be sure all toys are thoroughly tested before they reach your child. We carefully control production for top quality of our goods.

Where are we?

So far we have gained trust of millions of parents. Our products are available in over 40 countries worldwide.

We would like our goods to be part of your life. We do hope that our goods will meet your expectations and encourage you to go back for more. This way you will become another customer satisfied with our brand and jointly with us write the Babyono’s history.

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