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HONEY NATURAL NURSING electronic bottle warmer and steriliser
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HONEY NATURAL NURSING electronic bottle warmer and steriliser

cat. no.: 968/01




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Description of the product

The HONEY electronic warmer is used to heat bottled milk and ready to eat meals in jars to the desired temperature. It can also be used for defrosting purposes. The sterilisation function is used to boil pacifiers, bottles, and small accessories. These functions are provided by a single device thanks to the wide range of the temperatures it supports.

HONEY has 4 basic settings for heating baby food to the desired temperature with preservation of maximum nutritional value and a sterilisation setting.

1. defrosting setting -mainly for defrosting frozen breast milk, slowly and safely raises the temperature to ensure that the baby food retains maximum value. Operating time: 35 min. Default temperature: 40°C. Adjustable range: 37–44°C.

2. milk heating - for non-frozen milk. Operating time: 12 min. Default temperature: 40°C. Adjustable range: 37–44°C.

3.powder milk/substitute mix heating - Operating time: 12 min. Default temperature: 50°C. Adjustable range: 45–69°C.

4. baby food jar/thick food, e.g. baby porridge, heating - Operating time: 12 min. Default temperature: 70°C. Adjustable range: 70–90°C.

5. sterilisation setting – for boiling (bottles, jars, containers, accessories) to remove all bacteria and fungus spores. - Operating time: 2 min. Temperature: 100°C

The distinguishing feature of the HONEY heater is not only the wide functionality of the product, but also a very attractive design that will successfully fit into a fashionable interior design. The size of the device also means that it can be easily packed into a bag, so that it is always at hand.

We give you a two-year warranty on our tealights. In the event of a possible repair of the heater during the warranty period, please contact Babyono Service Center. We will collect your equipment from you and provide you with a replacement heater - at our expense, via a courier company.


Technical properties

  • When the automatic setting ends, the device automatically goes into temperature maintenance mode.
  • The device is protected from overheating with a special system – it will automatically turn off when the water evaporates.
  • The large display and intuitive touch control panel make it easy to choose the setting and temperature.
  • The electronic warmer is compatible with all baby food bottles and jars.
  • Made of safe and durable materials for top product quality and safety.
  • Heater dimensions: internal diameter 9.8 cm, internal depth 8.6 cm
  • Basket dimensions: internal diameter 9.3 cm, internal depth 8.5 cm


packaging size

13 x 13 x 15

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