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TINY YOGA TRIANGLE - C MORE educational soft toy
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TINY YOGA TRIANGLE - C MORE educational soft toy

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Description of the product

TINY YOGA COLLECTION was created with the smallest sports enthusiasts in mind. Yoga is the art of the harmony of body and mind. Now parents can successfully instil in their children love for exercise that will pay off throughout their lives.

Try as hard as you can - Tiny Yoga! The development of the child’s motor skills has a significant impact on proper psycho-physical development. Pyramid-shaped toys of this sports and educational collection enable children to acquire new skills: practice grip, carry numerous moving elements from section A to B, receive tactile sensations through different textures. In addition, they stimulate gums by means of teethers with projections, and they also guarantee great fun.

The toy is part of the C: MORE collection, which was created with the proper psychomotor development of a child in mind. It stimulates the senses of sight, touch and hearing. With the latest collection of toys, we allow our children to see more: C: MORE.

This is the world in the eyes of a child:

NEWBORN – sees what is in front, in close range, only in black and white

3 MONTHS – the baby begins to see more clearly and recognise parents, colours

8 MONTHS – the image in front of the child’s eyes becomes clearer, the toddler begins to practice eye-hand coordination

12 MONTHS – the child sees clearly in colour, however, their eyesight develops fully by the age of 1


Technical properties

  • Helps in learning visual-auditory-motor coordination
  • Contrasting colours to support the development of the child’s eyes
  • Helps to practice motor and manual skills (grabbing, shifting)
  • Develops cognitive skills through stimulating shapes, textures and sounds
  • Develops the child’s imagination
  • Stimulates gums
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 0.15 kg


packaging size

19 x 17 x 17

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