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Underpads 40x60cm 20pcs
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Underpads 40x60cm 20pcs

cat. no.: 598




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Description of the product

The pads can be used when changing your baby. They are intended for women in the postpartum period. They are highly absorbent. As a result, they provide a sense of hygiene and comfort, ensuring adequate protection against soaking. The foil layer protects against soiling. The superabsorbent inside the mat rapidly absorbs fluids and neutralises odours. The mats are perfect for protecting bedding and mattress in a baby's bed while learning to use the potty. The outer layer is soft and gentle on sensitive skin, it allows air to pass through, which prevents sore spots.
The product was made in the European Union.

Technical properties

  • superabsorbent absorbing fluids and neutralising odours
  • delicate and dry top layer
  • waterproof
  • Material: cotton + PE + superabsorbent


packaging size

40 x 60

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