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C-MORE Play Mat
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C-MORE Play Mat

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Description of the product

Our educational playmat has been designed withyour baby in mind. It can accompany it from itsfirst days of life. It is available in contrastive colors.It comes with a light and sound projector,interactive toys and a Tummy Time pillow whichencourages a baby to lie on the tummy. Thanks tothis comprehensive kit, your baby will have greatfun for many hours.

C:More Collection

The educational playmat is partof C:MORE collection, designedfor baby's proper psychomotordevelopment. It stimulateseyesight, touch and hearing.Thanks to the toys from thelatest collection, we let babiessee more: C:MORE.


NEWBORN BABY – it can see items at a close distance,only in black and white

3 MONTHS OF AGE – it starts to see clearer andrecognize its parents and colors

8 MONTHS OF AGE – the image before the baby's eyesgets clearer and eye-hand movement coordination ispractised

12 MONTHS OF AGE – the child can see clearly and incolors, yet its eyesight gets fully developed when itturns 2


Light and sound projector

The playmat is supplied with a two-sided light and soundprojector. There are 8 soothing melodies and various lightsavailable. When you activate the projector, stars show up onthe ceiling on the one side, and diverse-color pulsating lightson the other.

Contrastive colors

The playmat is available in vivid contrastive colors - black, white,red and yellow. These colors help the baby develop its eyesight,imagination and concentration.

Very thick fabric

The unquestionable advantage is thickness of the playmat - asmany as 3 cm - thanks to which it is perfect at isolating from thefloor. Your baby will always feel warm, safe and soft.

It grows with your baby

The playmay will accompany your baby at early stages of itsgrowth. Initially the baby will use it to lie on its back, then on thetummy. When the baby grows older and stars sitting and crawling,the playmat will turn into a cozy playground.

Support in lying on the tummy

The playmat comes with a Tummy Time pillow that can strengthenyour baby's muscles, encourage it to lift its head and help it findcomfort while lying on the tummy. You can attach teethers andrattles to it.

Attractive hanging toys

The playmat is supplied with 6 different hanging toys that support yourbaby's development: rattling, rustling, squeaking and the ones you canbite. The toys can be freely attached to bows and pillows. They can helpyour baby improve its motor skills and manual skills (grabbing, puttingover).

Large fun area

The playmat is made of safe high-quality fabrics. It offers a largefun area - as many as 100 cm of diameter. It can serve as a picnicblanket.

Perfect in travel

The educational playmat is easy to fold and carry. Thanks to its lowweight - 155 g - you can easily fold it and take with you on your holidays.

Perfect as a gift

Our playmat is packed in a nice and reliable box. This way itcan be used as a gift for a baby. The box comes with a handyhandle for easier carriage.


Technical properties

  • Content of the set:
  • light and sound projector
  • pillow for lying on the tummy
  • 6 contrastive hanging toys
  • Technical data:
  • material: 100% polyester, BPA-free, PVC-free and phthalate-free
  • wash manually at 30 degrees
  • three AA batteries (supplied) are required


packaging size

100 x 100 x 3

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