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ANATOMY Manual breast pump
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ANATOMY Manual breast pump

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Description of the product

ANATOMY manual breast pump ensures high comfort and efficiency of use. It is effective because the adjusted suction power allows you to quickly and efficiently expressing breast milk

the effectively adjusted suction power enables fast and efficient milk expression

quiet operation makes it possible to draw breast milk discreetly and anywhere you need

the breast pump is easy to operate, assemble and disassemble as well as to clean due to the small number of parts

the ergonomic handle and the special design is suitable for both left- and right-handed persons

All elements of the breast pump are made of a special plastic intended for contact with food, not containing Bisphenol A.

It is effective because the adjusted suction power allows fast and efficient milk delivery. Its silent mode of operation ensures discretion, allowing milk to be drained anywhere.

The breastpump is easy to use, install and dismantle, and the ergonomic handle and special design are suitable for both right- and left-handed users. All breastpump components are made of BPA-free special food grade plastic.

Technical properties

  • breast pump
  • silicone massaging breast cup
  • Babyono 150 ml feeding bottle
  • milk bottle base
  • anatomical silicone teat 0m+
  • adapter for wide neck bottles


packaging size

18 x 16 x 10

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