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Ergonomic training cup FLOW
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Ergonomic training cup FLOW

cat. no.: 1463/02




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Description of the product

The training cup is adapted to the anatomic and psychophysical abilities of children learning to drink without assistance. It develops the habit of drinking out of an open vessel. This is another step in feeding training. It is the perfect replacement for a bottle or non-drip cup, which also helps develop the vocal apparatus.



The vessel minimises the risk of choking as it stimulates the natural motion of the jaw during breastfeeding. It gives the child the ability to adjust the drinking angle and pace.


Teaches the child to be self-reliant when consuming meals. Recommended for diet expansion with the BLW method.


The cup is light for easier motion coordination. Your child can drink from it in a half-lying position. The convenient handles provide full control when tilting the cup and dispensing the beverage.

Technical properties

  • Material: plastic
  • For children aged 12 months and up (12m+)
  • Does not contain harmful substances (BPA, phthalates, or PVC)
  • Made of safe plastic
  • The cup is dishwasher safe.
  • Volume: 120 ml


packaging size

5 x 7

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