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Nowadays, toddlers are exposed to a huge amount of stimuli from infancy - smartphones, TV, other electronic gadgets. Choosing the right Polish toys for children and babies is no mean feat. In order to ensure the best development of your toddler, it is worth buying dedicated toys for children and babies. We will advise you on how to make the right choice, which should not be forgotten.

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Fragrant bags for used nappies are packed in a package similar to a wet wipes package, with easy closing and easy taking out another bag. The bags are quite large, so you can easily put two nappies in one bag (when children surprise you simultaneously). The bag "ears" allow you to close the bag easily. The bags' fragrance really effectively masks the "flavour" of the nappies content. The smell of nappies becomes almost imperceptible. They worked especially well when we were visiting someone. Before that, I felt a bit awkward to throw smelly nappies into the hosts' waste bin, and in such a bag they become ordinary waste that does not stand out from the rest.


Mother of Weronika and Staś

Foam puzzle is a sensational thing! It accompanies us from the first month. At home, we use it to play. When we go on a longer trip, I usually put two pieces into the buggy, which allows me to change the baby anywhere we are. It is a perfect solution for me, necessity is a mother of invention :) It also works well on vacations when we have doubts about floor cleanness. I really recommend it to all mums.


Mother of Krzyś

Both my son and I love the quiet sound of the baby mobile. It calms down, quietens and soothes the nerves of the teething child. It is a pity that you can not choose the colour of the mobile's railing, but on the other hand white goes well with everything, so it is not a problem.


Mother of Jaś